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Manzairaku Kaga Plum Wine | 720ml

Dense plum flavor and clear taste
Manzairaku has been brewing this plum wine since 1990, which combines the rich flavor of plums with a clear taste.
It is made using only Beni Sashi Ume (red plum) produced in Hokuriku, which is rich in amino acids and minerals,
and is produced in a traditional and simple way.
The entire process, from cultivation to pickling and bottling, is done in the favorable environment of Hokuriku,
and this high-quality Hokuriku-produced plum wine is aged for approximately two years until the flavor is balanced and delicious.
It is matured for approximately two years until the aroma and flavor are balanced and the taste is good.

萬歳楽が平成2年から醸造する濃密な梅の旨味とクリアな飲み口をあわせ持つ梅酒です。 梅はアミノ酸とミネラルが豊富な北陸産の紅映梅(べにさしうめ)だけを使い、昔ながらの素朴な手法で造っています。 梅の栽培から漬け込み、瓶詰めまでの全てを北陸の良好な環境で行う北陸産の高品質梅酒で香味のバランスがとれて美味しい時期となるまでおおよそ2年熟成させています。


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【Item Name】Liqueur (plum wine)
【Volume / Qty】720ml
【Storage method】Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.
Green ume (Japan), glacial sugar, brewer’s alcohol
Preparation water: Tedori River system underground water
【Drinking Precautions】The extract may precipitate, but this does not affect the quality.
【Manufacturer】9-605 Imae-cho, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture

【製造者】株式会社 加越 石川県小松市今江町9-605